• Dressage is classed as Medium Work, and as such 1 – 2 biscuits per day should contain all the nutrition your horse requires.
  • You can add other seeds to provide extra protein, starch and oil you can add Sunflower, Lupin or Mung Bean. Other Fodder Solutions users add Rosehip and other legumes to add flavour that their horses like. You can also add small amounts of Fenugreek, which is a very beneficial herb for horses.
  • Recommended Seed Mix – Sunflower is good for extra protein, starch and oil for condition, coats and hooves. Lupin also provides extra protein and starch. For horses replace 20% of the barley with 10% Sunflower and 10% Lupin, for ponies pure barley should be sufficient.
  • You also need to add a few Kg of roughage, cheap hay or straw is fine, and you can also use bran for example if you are worried about respiratory issues. Horse Medium work rate = 1½-2 biscuits per day + 3-4Kg Hay. (Addition of Sunflower & Lupin when necessary)
  • Please note every horse is an individual, and you should use the flexibility of using Fodder Solutions guidelines to find the right balance for your horse.

Dressage Horse Ration: